Our Programs

Moms and Tots
This program provides the toddlers and parents with an opportunity to be part of a social group. The children learn to follow routine and be active in a variety of activies; arts& crafts, free play, music, movement and story time.

Separation and independance are the main focus. We encourage the children's social, emotional and language development. We surround them with age appropriate toys and tools to stimulate exploration and discovery as well as enhance their overall development.

The children are provided with a variety of activities to encourage self-confidence and self-motivation, academic skills like pre-math and pre-reading are introduced. The teachers encourage group discussions and projects as well as individualism. The children are introduced to the French language formally. They are ready and interested.
(The children have to be 3 years old by sep 30th)

This program is entirely in French. Encouragement of conversation with one another is positive, stimulating and always encouraged. Academic development is in the focus through computers, writing, arts & crafts, music and movent.
(The children have to be 4 years old by sep 30th)